History of the Portland Presbyterian Church

Portland Presbyterian Church

Unlike most of the other church buildings within the Bowenfels Parish, this is very much a "town" church, located on a small "town" sized block of land.

"On July 28, 1886, the foundation stone of Sunny Corner Presbyterian Church was laid by Mr. John Dobbie and, during the years when 'The Corner' was a flourishing gold-mining town, the church was, to the Presbyterian community, their house of worship. "After the failure of the mines, the church was demolished and re-erected in Portland where it was subsequently burned down. The foundation stone was, however, retained and is placed in the western wall of the present building, forming a definite link with the original church." The foundation stone of the present building was laid on 26th June, 1915. There are also memorial plaques on most of the pews within the church.


Foundation stone from Sunny Corner

Foundation stone on present church

Foundation stone on church hall